EM900 The Elements Management Standard




Since he was a child, L.D. Maldonado Fonken was motivated by a vision of a future human society in which humans collaborate with each other and with nature in order to achieve a permanente and conscious state of sustainable harmonious collective cocreative collaboration, self development and sustainable quality of living. L.D. Maldonado Fonken decided to continue studies and experiences gathering all necessary knowledge in a variety of fields, science and social disciplines, human knowledge and understanding of nature and human experience. This book is dedicated to the EM900 Standard, and describes the process of EM Analysis, use of the EM Elements and EM Solutions.It is a guide for EM Professionals that would like to utilize the EM Standard, as well as a references for students of the E.M. Academy and Candidates for the E.M. Challenge. ( Draft Version, suggested only for E.M. Academy Students )

IMPORTANT: A new golden edition 2015  has been reviewed and is now available under request.


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